14 Terabytes of PTO documents. Everything at your fingertips in one place.

Just type your search. Tabs to jump to the answer you need. Everything in front of you. To find that answer.




Super fast search in a simple interface.

You have to try Patdek to believe just how fast it is. No delay, just the results. From what you can access. To how you share documents. And tools to explain your thoughts. You need the answer now. During a conversation. Share the answer too. In real-time.



A personal catalog of everything you want.

Think Netflix, but for patent information. Patdek includes over 14TB of patent-related information. 900+ million pages of information. Already under your control. That’s a great start to grow your personal catalog. No need to upload PTAB trials, PTAB appeals, OPLA petition decisions, patents, published patent applications, or patent file histories.

Include these items in your catalog with a click. If we don’t have it yet, upload it. To keep that “thing” you looked at last week. So you don’t need to “manage” downloaded files anymore. Or download that same PDF for the 5th time. Because now Patdek has it by click or upload. To find it fast tomorrow when you need it again.




Any way you want.

Link through Email

Share documents including all annotations using a link sent through email or chat.

Using Secure Hardware

When it’s precious information you uploaded. FTP is not the answer. Use personal Yubikeys to guarantee who sees the shared information.



OCR text. Because you need to know.

Patdek has OCR text for every document. Even documents you upload. All of them. You can see the original document and search its contents. Because some documents are just scans. Now you can find them. When you need them. Even if you forgot. Legacy file histories or prior art? Might be useful today or tomorrow.



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